The Struggle of Acting

When I tell people I’m an actor they automatically assume I live a life of ease. As if I simply walk into auditions, get the part, and then spend the rest of my time rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to crush that vision.

I’d say at least 80 percent of my time as an actor is networking and 20 percent is where the actual acting comes in. I pass out so many resumes that it’s hard to keep track of who represents what. Sometimes that can get you into trouble.

Not too long ago I get a Facebook friend request from a guy I just assume is a creep. I deny the request and he tries it again. Fed up, I end up googling the name and it turns out he represents a casting agency and I quickly friend him back and grovel at his feet. Always remember who you give your business cards to or you could miss out on the role of a lifetime.

Invigorate Your Senses

Has stress got you feeling down? There are days when I want to scream. Pressure from every day life such as work, family, health issues, you name it, can make our bodies feel tense. Some days my shoulders feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on them. When I start feeling this way I treat myself to a one of a kind experience that takes all my worries and cares and sends them packing.

I’m talking about a thai massage Newcastle and if you’ve never experienced one, you are in for a treat. There is nothing quite like a massage to help you feel alive and energized. Every day stress can have your nerves feeling frazzled and on edge. This is the best 60 minutes a person can spend on themselves. So let your worries melt away as you relax and rejuvenate.

Get Out Of Town

Indian Land, South Carolina is a perfect rural town, and I always been a small town type of girl. It reminds you of the Walnut Grove or Grovers Corners with the farm houses, corn and different crops growing in the fields, and the friendly people. I came here right after college to work in the Public Relations Departments for the local school district; that was six months ago. Now this small town is not perfect, I should know, two months after I got here I recieved a note saying GET OUT OF TOWN! I thought it was the a prank but I when I got one the next day from my printer I knew something was wrong (I have one of those old cannon printers Manchester) I had IT guys check it out and we traced it down to Cynthia, a fellow PR Specialists, she wanted me to quit, but running away is not my style.

Much Needed Luxury

When we were in college, we decided that we would backpack through Asia since it seemed like it would be some sort of rite of passage into true adulthood. It was very exciting even though we were on a budget, but because we were students, we were able to take advantage of the many student discounts available to us.

In Singapore though, we finally got tired of staying in the hostels and when we arrived in Singapore, we decided that we would splurge and actually stay in a hotel instead of a room with 10 other people where we would have to share the shower in the morning. The Singapore hotels proved to be worthy of at least 4 stars. The one we stayed at provided us all the amenities that we could hope for. It was a well deserved break from roughing it and we got the rest we needed.

Don’t Send in the Clowns

My best friend absolutely loves anything to do with magic. She’d been dying to learn all of the standard tricks, so I decided to look into planning a great surprise for her birthday. While perusing the local Sunday paper, I noticed that there was a wonderful selection of workshops available through the community college. Although there was no magic workshop available, there was a circus skills workshop, which promised “circus tricks, food, and a whole lot of fun.” I signed us up immediately, excited to take her someplace awesome for her birthday.

As we walked through the doors on that sunny Saturday, I immediately noticed a sense of dread come across her face. Before I knew it, she had turned pale and fainted. Once she came to, she explained to me that she was scared of clowns! Needless to say, I felt just awful, and took her out to dinner instead.

When the sun came up

I was in Thailand on a business trip. We were late that night, partying with members of my company. We were celebrating a deal we had closed. There were drinks going around and dancing and singing and pretty soon I couldn’t even tell which way was up or what language we were speaking. So crazy. It was half past two when Jordon suggested getting a thai massage Leeds. He made the suggestion sound sleazy, greasy, like we should expect more than a massage. I laughed and agreed. It was 2 am, who was going to even be open? Well, it turns out the place next door was. Happy sunrise, or something like that. We went in, all six of us, and we watched in horror as Jordon ambled up to the counter. With some heavy handed insinuations he ordered the massages. Turns out 2am rub-downs aren’t what you’d expect, even in Thailand.

Again and Again

His eyes snapped open and rolled to the right to see green numbers starkly standing against the darkness of the bedroom. 2:13. Only twenty minutes or so since the last time he had looked. Night after night, it had been the same: go to bed at a decent hour, say 10:00, go to sleep easily, and then come fully awake again and again and again throughout the night. On good nights, he could get ninety minutes, maybe two hours at a stretch. Some nights, like this night, he could possibly get thirty. Possibly.

Sighing heavily, he shifted in bed, seeking the cooler parts of the sheets and pillow as the person beside him breathed deeply in uninterrupted dream. Perhaps tomorrow would be when he did what had been suggested to him, when he called around to seek sleep uk therapy. Something had to change.

Enjoy Your Vacation Traveling Abroad

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